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Excella/ InPower Prepaid Card

Excella Prepaid Debit Card.

Excella prepaid debit card is a prepaid Visa debit card that is only sold in New York City. Its exclusivity in terms of where it can be purchased does not limit its buying power in retail stores around the U.S. The Excella prepaid debit card can be used on any online retailer that accepts Visa & MasterCard. Like many other prepaid cards we’ve listed, the Excella card uses Bancorp Bank.

Purchasing an Excella prepaid card is as easy as ‘1-2-3’. Simply walk into any of the 150 Payomatic retail location in New York and pick up a non-personalized card. There are no approval fees or checking fees. Consumers are not required to have a bank account or go through a background check to be an Excella card holder.

Loading money onto your Excella prepaid card can be done in a few ways:

  1. Retail Location – Excella prepaid debit card can be loaded by depositing cash at any Payomatic retail store, Western Union locations and Green Dot reload centers. All of these locations can be found using our neat locator Reload Center.
  2. Direct Deposit – A cheaper way to reload your Excella prepaid debit card is through direct deposit. Consumers will have to fill out the necessary paperwork with the provided account & routing numbers located in their account and hand this to their employer. With direct deposits consumers are able to gain access to their paycheck up to 2 days earlier.

The Excella prepaid debit card is FDIC insured so your money is safe. This means that in the event that your prepaid debit card is stolen or lost, the charges incurred will not be held against you. This falls under the Visa zero liability policy.

One con that we dislike about the Excella prepaid debit card is that the service fees can go as high as $10 a month. Excella prepaid debit card is a good choice for individuals who are interested in limiting their spending or maintaining a budget.

InPower Prepaid Debit Card

Inpower card
Payomatic has been encouraging current Excella cardholders to transfer to the InPower card.

Its important for us to note that Excella has recently been favoring their new InPower prepaid card which is sort of a re-brand of the Excella but not technically. What do we mean by that? Well if you go to the official Excella website (www.excellacard.com) you will be redirected to the official InPower prepaid debit card website (www.inpowercard.com). However, there has been no announcement of any discontinuation of the Excella card. Both InPower & Excella cards are owned by Payomatic. Payomatic allow current Excella card holders to transfer their account over to InPower. If you are a consumer who have an Excella savings account you must close the account to be able to transfer over to the InPower card.

5 thoughts on “Excella/ InPower Prepaid Card

  1. My Brother, who has an Excella card, passed away and I’m trying to find out what this card is. I was referred to the Excella Legal Department to request an Affidavit to submit with additional paperwork.

    However, the email address I was given to contact the Legal Department does not bring me to a website. It just gives me other websites as choices. The address I was given is http://www.PrepaidFIU@accountaccesssite.com. I called twice to check all spelling and capitalization, but the email address doesn’t work. Can someone help me get an email address that will bring me to the Legal Department’s site so I can request the Affidavit? Many thanks for your assistance.

    1. We’ve read your message but could not find a solution to your problem unfortunately. If we receive any news that is useful to you, we will contact you. Sorry about your situation.

  2. My name is Octavia Webster, I’m contacting you on behalf of my son Dontezs Whitley-Taylor whom at this time is incarcerated and gave me written permission to handle all of his financial matters. I’m writing you to request Power Of Attorney form so that I am able to preform the business needed on Mr. Whitley-Taylor affaires as his card was stolen. Please contact me.
    Thank You,
    Ms. Octavia Webster

  3. The customer service for InPOWER card is horrible I been on hold for 4 days. My mom account is locked and she can’t get access to her funds. Please don’t get InPOWER card or any card PAYOMATIC.

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