Estate Prepaid Debit Card

Estate Prepaid Debit Card

Have You Heard of The Estate Card?

The Estate card is a new reloadable prepaid debit card in the market that targets property owners. Prepaid debit cards is a booming industry and companies are taking advantage of the fact that many people are using them. Prepaid cards were once for the under bank citizens of a country but that is no longer the case. People with credit cards, bank accounts and home owners also use prepaid debit cards.

Estate Prepaid Debit Card

Are you a home owner? Well there is a new prepaid debit card that may benefit you. It’s called “The Estate Card”. This prepaid debit card helps boost local economy by allowing cardholders to earn rewards on local purchases. But wait…there’s more. The rewards earned are credit that is applied to the cardholders property tax.

What’s Unique About The Estate Card?

There are several things that make the Estate card unique and in our opinion a definite win! First, cardholders earn a base reward of .25% for every purchase with the card. Second, cardholders can earn additional rewards up to 30% for local and online purchases. Also the as we mentioned the rewards are applies as credit to home owners property tax. These offers make this card truly unique already but there’s a few more things. Most prepaid cards are issued by Bancorp bank and Metabank. The Estate card is issued by Sutton Bank. There’s also a requirement to used the Estate card. New members of the card must link any debit/bank card to the Estate card and ACH $10 to their account. That part sucks because it seems you must have a bank account in order to use this prepaid debit card.

How Do I Reload My Estate Card?

Estate Reloadable Debit Card

The Estate card, even though it’s aimed at home owners who are accustomed to using credit and bank cards, is a reloadable prepaid debit card. Cardholders can reload their Estate card at any of Green Dot’s Reload at Register® locations. You can find these locations using Green Dot’s official locator or by using Reload Packs Reload Center. Cardholders can also load their Estate account using funds from their PayPal account, bank transfers and card-to-card transfer from another Estate card.


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  1. I have purchased a green dot card on 12/15/2019. I had put $80 on the card and when I go through all the options and the green dot company said my card is loaded and ready to go. I have tried to use my card for 2 days and it comes back invalid. Why put money down on a green dot card and when I try to order something it always comes back invalid

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